Gillian has prepared the following guidance notes to help us all keep safe

General Guidance For Households

(Last Update 28/03/2020)

What is this advice intended to do?
To ensure that the risk of disease transmission is kept to a minimum for everyone.  Please read this advice alongside our Advice for takeaways and food packages and Advice for Volunteers.

Key suggestions
• Everyone should follow guidance at or the NHS website on keeping safe. In particular guidance on Covid-19 symptom  identification, what to do if you are ill, self-isolating, keeping contact to a minimum, handwashing etc.
• To make it as simple as possible for everyone the Links to Guidance which is particularly relevant are found at the end of our Newsletter
• If you can’t access the links or you don’t have a computer, we can provide printed copies via our volunteers or talk you through this on the phone
• Try and limit what you receive at home e.g. non essential deliveries, leaflets, newspapers. When you do get post or deliveries wipe down with disinfectant or wipes then WASH YOUR HANDS before doing anything else.


Infection control guidance – take away meals and basic provisions

(Last Update 28/03/2020)

What is this advice intended to do?

To ensure that the risk of disease transmission from a take-away or basic provision is kept to a minimum for everyone, in particular customers, staff and volunteers.

Key suggestions
• Self-isolating individuals (particularly those that are ill, over 70 or vulnerable) must not come to collect food or basic provisions.
• All food will be provided in disposable containers or bags.
• At no point should there be direct contact between any individual during the collection or delivery of food or basic provisions.

Step-by-step advice
• When making your order you will be given a collection time.
• Payment will be taken over the phone at the time of order.
• All food will be prepared according to stringent hygiene standards, in line with the latest government hygiene guidance.
• All food will be packaged and placed on a table outside the rear entrance to the pub shortly prior to your collection time.
• Upon arriving at the collection point please to not touch the table or place anything, such as phones and bags etc. on the table.
• The table will be disinfected between each collection.
• Please ensure that you have thoroughly washed your hands as per the government hand-washing guidance before collecting your order.
• Your name will be on your order and please do not stay to talk to any other customers or members of staff in order to minimise risk to all involved.
• Before opening your food order you are advised to use appropriate hand wipes or disinfectant to wipe down food package containers and use normal cleaning methods for raw food. Preferably decant takeaway meals on to your own dishes and throw away the packaging. Then WASH YOUR HANDS. Do not touch your face before completing all steps.


Guidance for Volunteers

(Last update 28/03/2020)

What is this advice intended to do?

To ensure that the risk of disease transmission between village volunteers and those that they are supporting is kept to a minimum, keeping everyone safe. It may be the case that the government will publish guidelines for volunteers in the future. In that event please follow that guidance. In the meantime, this guidance aims to keep us all as safe as possible. Thank you for volunteering.

Please do not volunteer if you are in any of the following categories:
• You are over 70.
• You have a chronic illness that makes you vulnerable (please consult national guidance for more information).
• You live in a house with a vulnerable person.
• You live in a house with frontline NHS staff members.
• You are unwell.

Advice for volunteers
The best thing you can do to minimise risk of infection is to thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or an approved hand sanitiser (60% alcohol) BEFORE AND AFTER any volunteering activity or contact.  Keep the government recommended distance between individuals. Wipe down items or surfaces that you have handled or come into contact with. For example:
• Wipe down door handles, doorbells etc. before and after you have touched them.
• Wipe down any items you are collecting from those you are supporting.
• Wipe down any items you are delivering to those you are supporting prior to passing them on.
• Avoid handling cash wherever possible.
Where possible leave packages on the doorstep to avoid contact with those individuals who are isolating.
Please share this guidance with those you are supporting.
Remember, you are very important to us and to those you are supporting.



It’s more important than ever to look after your mental health and wellbeing during these times.  You can find a range of help and advice from the following links.

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